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Did you or a loved one experience uncontrolled bleeding or any complications while taking the blood thinner medication Xarelto?

If so, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your losses.

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011, Xarelto is a blood thinner medication manufactured by Bayer and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

As with all blood thinners, there is a risk of bleeding but that risk has been found to be exacerbated while taking Xarelto.

This medication is typically prescribed by cardiologists and hematologists for the treatment of blood clotting disorders, but it can also be prescribed in other circumstances, including:

  • To treat atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) and reduce the patient’s stroke risk;
  • To prevent blood clots after a hip or knee replacement operation; and
  • To treat blood clots forming as a result of pulmonary emobolus (PE) or deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

A number of Xarelto lawsuits have already been filed, with compensation sought to cover the medical bills and other financial hardships caused by serious internal bleeding, along with the costs of burial and a funeral for those who passed away as a result of the uncontrolled bleeding.

Lawsuit plaintiffs are also seeking compensation for emotional distress from experiencing internal bleeding or caring for a loved one who experienced this complication while taking Xarelto.

These serious complications have spurred many to file suit. In addition to bleeding problems, dangerous blood clots have also been reported to the FDA— a key finding because Xarelto is designed to thin the blood and prevent blood clots.

There is no antidote to Xarelto, making it extremely difficult to stop the bleeding that arises while taking this medication. This is a point of contention in many lawsuits, as many feel it was irresponsible for the company to release a product with no known antidote.

Many patients never received a warning about the dangerousness of Xarelto and the potential for serious and uncontrolled external and internal bleeding. A number of physicians indicated that they were never apprised of the real dangers of Xarelto.

Lawsuits have been filed in a number of states and the U.S. Judicial Panel has decided to consolidate these Xarelto lawsuit cases into a multi-district litigation (MDL) case. This means that all cases are handled in the same court.

Notably, Xarelto isn’t the only blood thinner that has been involved in lawsuits recently. A number of Pradaxa lawsuits have also been filed. It’s believed that Xarelto has similar bleeding risks as Pradaxa.

Xarelto Lawsuit News

Death from Uncontrolled Xarelto Bleeding

Did you lose a loved one as a result of uncontrolled internal bleeding? Uncontrollable Xarelto bleeding can prove deadly for patients because there is no Xarelto reversal agent – a fact that has led some to take legal action on … Read more

Xarelto Lawsuit Allegations

Lawsuit Filed by Shirley and James Boynton Seeks $10 million in Damages
On or about August 29, 2014 the Boynton's filed their lawsuit against Janssen Pharmacueticals, Johnson and Johnson, and Bayer Healthcare. The lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District of New York U.S. District Court. Boynton suffered life threathening bleeding allegedly from the use of her Xarelto medication. She was takeing Xarelto for about a year and a half and said in her filing that she would not have taken the drug is she knew about the possible hemorrhaging complications associated with it. Her husband filed claims for loss of consortium damages resulting from his loss of enjoyment of life with his wife.
Xarelto is Not Safer than Warfarin (Coumadin) But was Marketed as Being More Convenient
Xarelto was brought to market in 2011 as a new anticoagulant treatment alternative to Warfarin. Warfarin had been on the market for over 50 years and required periodic monitoring with blood tests from the patients treating physicians. Xarelto’s marketing benefit was that the drug did not require periodic monitoring like Warfarin. Unlike Warfarin, which has an antidote in the event of hemorrhagic complications in the form of vitamin K, Xarelto has no antidote to these major bleeding complications which may be irreversible, permanently disabling, and life threatening. Another alternative anticoagulant drug to Warfarin, Pradaxa, which also did not have an antidote and was marketed as superior to Warfarin gave rise to approximately 4,000 lawsuits which were settled in early 2014 for approximately $650 million. Of particular note Warfarin costs patients roughly $400 year as opposed to Xarelto which costs around $3,000 a year.
Manufacturers Did Not Adequately Perform Testing of Xarelto Before Releasing it to the Market
Xarelto was first received approval on July 1, 2011 for the treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism for people undergoing knee replacement surgeries or hip replacement surgeries. The FDA then further approved Xarelto on November 4, 2011 to reduce the risk of stroke and systemic embolism in people with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. There were several clinical trials of the drug to gain FDA approval. While the studies showed some promise, they also showed a greater incidence of bleeding leading to decreased hemoglobin and transfusion of blood. Further studies showed the obvious risk of bleeding complications as compared to the placebo. The allegations conclude that the manufacturers either knew or should have known of the life threatening bleeding risk from their clinical trials and should have further tested and studied the product before releasing the product for sale or applying for FDA approval.
Promotional Materials and Medication Guide Failed to Warn Consumers of Bleeding Complications
Due to the intense marketing of Xarelto that totaled approximately $11 million spent during 2013, Xarelto sales reached $2 billion for the 2013 fiscal year. The direct to consumer advertising was designed to induce and influence consumers to ask their doctor to be prescribed the medication. The advertisements failed to warn patients that there is no way to reverse the bleeding complications caused by the drug with antidote of which the effect could be permanently disabling, life threatening, or fatal. On June 6, 2013 manufacturers received a letter from the FDA regarding its promotional material stating “the print ad is false or misleading because it minimizes the risks associated with Xarelto and makes a misleading claim.” The Xarelto Medication Guide also failed to warn patients that there is no way to reverse the bleeding complications caused by the drug with antidote of which the effect could be permanently disabling, life threatening, or fatal.
Promotional Materials Hawked By Pharmaceutical Representatives Misled Doctors about the Benefits of Xarelto
Doctors were given marketing materials and other information from the manufacturers sales representatives that Xarelto was as good as Warfarin in reducing strokes in people with non-valvular atrial fibrillation, as well as protecting against deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in people with a history of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism or going through hip or knee replacement surgery. The materials failed to advise the treating doctors that there existed no antigen that could stop or control bleeding in people that were treating with Xarelto. The manufacturers also failed to warn emergency room doctors,surgeons, and other important health care professionals that unlike warfarin which could stop bleeding episodes with the use of vitamin k, there is no effective means to stabilize and treat patients that undergo uncontrolled bleeding episodes while being treated with Xarelto.
Manufacturers Engaged In Geurilla Marketing of Xarelto to Reap Enormous Profits
In 2013’s third quarter Xarelto was the number one pharmaceutical product advertised in medical journals based on the amount of dollars spent, which was estimated to be around $11 million in 2013. In 2012, as a result of its marketing efforts and its first whole year of being on the market Xarelto earned approximately $658 million in sales. The Xarelto website claimed that over 7 million people had been prescribed Xarelto worldwide. Approximately 1 million prescriptions were written for Xarelto by the end of 2013. 2013 marketing efforts increased Xarelto to blockbuster status by surpassing the $1 billion sales point and reached about $2 billion in sales for 2013. Xarelto is now the leading seller in the world of anticoagulants.
Manufacturers Failed to Alert the Public to the Major Complications Reported To It
In 2012, Xarelto’s first full year on the market, there was a total of 2,081 Serious Adverse Events that were filed with the FDA. This ranked the Xarelto maker 10th in comparison to other pharmaceutical companies with reports to the FDA. 151 of those reported events resulted in death. In 2011, Xarelto’s first partial year of existence there were 1,080 Serious Adverse Events reported and at least 65 deaths reported. These figures constituted a strong signal regarding the danger of Xarelto defined as, “evidence of sufficient weight to justify an alert to the public and the scientific community, and to warrant further investigation. Xarelto actually overtook Pradaxa in the number of adverse event reports in the first quarter of 2013. Despite this clear information the manufacturers of Xarelto took no steps to alert the public or the medical community, or perform further inquiry into the safety of it’s product Xarelto.

If you or a loved one suffered internal bleeding or any other of the following types of side effects due to Xarelto, You may be eligible for compensation.

Blood Clots

Dangerous and potentially life-threatening blood clots have been reported while taking Xarelto. Many patients were never informed of the risk.

Intestinal Bleeding

Intestinal bleeding is a very serious and life-threatening side effect that has been linked to Xarelto, a blood thinner medication that was released in 2011, despite the lack of an antidote.

Brain Hemorrhages

Brain bleeds, also known as brain hemorrhages, have been reported as a side effect from Xarelto, a blood thinner medication that has been the target of many personal injury lawsuits in recent months.

Rectal Bleeding

Did you suffer rectal bleeding after taking the blood thinner medication Xarelto? There is no known antidote for the uncontrolled bleeding that can occur as a result of Xarelto and this has left many individuals hospitalized.

Kidney Bleeding

Did you or a loved one experience uncontrolled renal/kidney bleeding while on Xarelto? If so, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your losses, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Bleeding & Death

Did a loved one die as a result of uncontrolled internal bleeding after taking the blood thinner drug Xarelto? If so, you may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses, burial expenses, and other losses.

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