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6 June 2015

What are the Side Effects of Xarelto?

Xarelto is a blood thinner medication, also called an anticoagulant drug, which has caused many serious and life-threatening complications and side effects. This has led to many Xarelto lawsuits, which have since been condensed into a multi-district litigation case based in a U.S. Federal Court in Louisiana.

Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) is prescribed for patients with a range of different problems and ailments, including non-valvular atrial fibrillation, stroke risk, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis and individuals who’ve recently received a hip or knee replacement and are at high risk of blood clots.

Xarelto is manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The drug has been associated with many serious side effects which are compounded by the fact that there is no Xarelto antidote. This means that patients who experience side effects related to uncontrolled bleeding face the potential of bleeding to death if blood and fluids are not provided intravenously until the drug levels dip and the bleeding subsides.

What are the Most Serious Side Effects of Xarelto?

When it comes to Xarelto, serious side effects abound. There are many very serious side effects linked to this drug, including:

  • Accumulation of blood in the space between the brain and the skull
  • Internal bleeding within the abdomen, particularly from the liver
  • Spinal epidural hematoma
  • Severe rectal bleeding
  • Intracranial (inside the skull) hemorrhage
  • Severe blockage of the normal flow of bile
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Severe hives, itching and related anaphylaxis
  • Hepatitis
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the whites of the eyes and skin)
  • Granulocyte deficiency

It should be noted that granulocytes are a variety of white blood cell, so this impairs the patient’s immune response.

Other more minor side effects of Xarelto include feeling faint, indigestion, backache, muscle spasms,  toothache, congestion and sinus irritation, sore throat, urinary tract infections, longer than normal menstrual cycles, and pain in the upper abdomen.

Filing a Xarelto Lawsuit After Experiencing Blood Thinner Side Effects

The Meldofsky Law Firm is available to assist clients who’ve suffered complications while prescribed Xarelto. The firm also represents family members of individuals who have suffered fatal complications from the anticoagulant drug.

As an anticoagulant, Xarelto has been at the receiving end of several lawsuits from those who suffered severe health complications from using it and loved ones of those who died from it. We can help you protect yourself from financial ruin from those medical bills by representing your case in court. Remember, there is no antidote to curb the excessive blood flow this medication can trigger.

If you’ve suffered adverse symptoms and Xarelto side effects, it’s important to act promptly because the law only affords victims a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit. Xarelto patients are encouraged to contact The Meldofsky Law Firm by calling 877-274-8672.

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