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17 June 2015

Xarelto is Allegedly Responsible for Hemorrhagic Strokes

If you’re recently suffered a stroke and have been taking Xarelto, your medicine may have been the cause of your catastrophic event.

Hemorrhagic strokes occur when a weakened or burst blood vessel allows blood to spill in the area around the brain. This pooling blood causes pressure and swelling, which damages the delicate tissue of the brain.

How Xarelto May Be Responsible

Prescribed as an anticoagulant, or blood thinner, Xarelto is meant to help reduce instances of blood clots in patients. It’s often prescribed to those who are undergoing hip or knee replacement or those who are at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism.

Ironically and tragically, Xarelto blood thinner is also prescribed to help prevent the blood clots in the brain that can lead to a stroke.

The reason Xarelto may have led to your stroke is because the medicine often causes uncontrollable internal bleeding. It was this bleeding that may lead to the interruption of blood to your brain or the pressure that damages brain cells.

While other blood thinners may also cause internal bleeding, doctors have ways to stop and reverse the dangerous bleeding. Xarelto is especially heinous because it offers no such safeguard. Once you start bleeding on Xarelto, the only way to stop it is to wait for the drug to exit your system completely.

Depending on how long this takes and how much damage is being created, the results can be deadly.
As a stroke victim, your quality of life has been irrevocably impaired. You may have to deal with problems with your vision, memory loss or slurred speech. Worse, you may also be suffering from paralysis or cognitive dysfunction.
Some victims did not survive their strokes, leaving their families suffering the greatest loss of all.

You May Be Eligible For Compensation

As the makers of this blood thinner never truly disclosed Xarelto’s serious side effects, they are being sued by thousands of patients who are in the same position as yourself.

Some of these patients suffered strokes, just like you, while others are now combating liver damage, bowel or bladder issues or life-threatening skin conditions.

If you believe that your stroke was caused by taking the drug, a Xarelto lawyer can help you win compensation from the manufacturer. The money you are awarded can be used to pay for medical expenses and loss of wages. You may also be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

While the dollar amount of each settlement is dependent on a variety of factors, you could be potentially awarded tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars if you decide to pursue a case.

The best way to determine whether your health issues are related to Xarelto and whether you are eligible to receive compensation in relation to a Xarelto lawsuit is to speak to a legal advocate. They will review your case and help guide you in the right direction.

You may be eligible for financial compensation.

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